Bieh State cattle raid left four dead

The official body of Bieh State said that at least four people have been killed and one injured in conflicts between dairy cattle pillagers and raiders in Pading County of Bieh State on Monday.

While addressing Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, the province official, Makuei Puok said the conflicts began when furnished bandits assaulted nearby young people on watch in Guer region on Monday morning.


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Puok accused the assault of equipped hoodlums from Boma State.

“Those crooks expected to strike dairy animals thus they met the nearby young people and battled. We lost one individual and another was harmed. From the side of the aggressors, three individuals kicked the bucket,” Puok told Radio Tamazuj.

David Yau the governor of the Bieh State promised to work with his partners in the neighboring states to end dairy cattle strikes by summoning the guilty parties in court.