Breaking: South Sudan SPLM-IO Machar rejected Kiir peace compromise deal

Riek Machar the South Sudanese rebels leader rejected on Sunday a peace offer by President Salva Kiir to return the country into previous 10 states meant to paving the way for a transitional unity government, reports by Al Arabiya.

Machar rejected the offer of the 10 States alleging a lack of interest in the formation of the three “administrative areas” of Pibor, Ruweng, and Abyei.

The office of the President Kiir on Saturday offered to re-establish the original 10 states in demand to the establishment of the three “administrative areas” of Pibor, Ruweng, and Abyei.


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Machar said on Sunday he rejects proposal against the three administrative areas saying “it cannot be referred to as reverting to 10 states and as such cannot be accepted,” Machar wrote in a statement witnessed by the media.

The issue concerning the number of the States and their boundaries has been a major issue to both President Salva Kiir and Machar.

Earlier this week, President Kiir left the summit in the capital of Ethiopia saying he was coming back to consult his people about the number of the States.

Kiir on Saturday accepted Machar’s proposal on the number of the States saying it was in the interest of his people he accept such a hard task.