Aweng Chuol condemns anyone against her marriage

The lately wedded South Sudanese lesbian Aweng Chuol had criticized and condemns anyone against her choice for being a lesbian.

Aweng from Dinka ethnic group of South Sudan has shown her happiness having got married to her fiance Alexis and said in Dinka language “Te nong koch nong wil reech kor bi kek luel, Nhialic atou” said Aweng.

In English translation, what she meant was that “To all my community folks that have any nasty words to say, God is there.”

However, the lesbian Aweng also took her time and a moment to thank everyone for the happy congratulations, saying that “I saw every single but I was too busy with my baby girl. I also saw the so not happy Mrs. Ade Chuol and myself are over the moon to have had our union be something so delicate and us.” said Aweng.

“Everything that occurs from on beyond our relationship for example opinion and all is above us. We love love and we are in love. I am blessed to have met an angel on earth and I refused to let her go, and so did she.” said Aweng.

It is uncommon for girls to marry each other especially in Africa and she is considered according to reports to be the first South Sudanese in the world to announce that she was a lesbian.

Aweng according to sources has broken the records of doing what is good for her despite a bunch of hate speeches thrown to her.