“Why we have not achieved anything in this country is because we have not unleashed the individual genius of our citizens”, Nyandeng

The widow of the late Dr. John Garang and appointed fourth Vice President of South Sudan as per the Unity Government said that the reason why South Sudan did not achieve anything was that the country did not unleash the individual genius of its citizens.

During sworn in, Nyandeng gave out her strongest gratitude to serve the people of South Sudan in bringing peace and prosperity.

“If we ask the question of why we have not achieved anything in this country, you will find it is because we have not unleashed the individual genius of our citizens. We have failed as your leaders and brought to you this unnecessary war.” – Rebecca Nyandeng, swearing-in.


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South Sudan formed its national unity and transitional government yesterday on Saturday 22 February giving hope to its people.

“Although these are the most segregated times in our young country history, we must in the spirit of peace today and unite together and move forward as one people”. Nyandeng said during her sworn in.

“To do so, will require every citizen to support this government, point out leadership shorts falls and work with open hearts so we can all redirect the way forward for this young nation,” said Nyandeng.

Under the formation of the unity government, leaders who were sworn in were First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, Second Vice President James Wani Igga, Third Vice President Taban Deng Gai and Fourth Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng.